Having understood the efforts needed for designing, installation and maintenance of telecommunication networks, Terabit has the necessary experience to assume responsibility towards its customers that the communication infrastructure, no matter how complex it is, will be designed and realized to incorporate maximally the current and future requirements of the communication needs and standards.





Network infrastructure is the basic level of the communications system within any company. Terabit offers a complete solutions portfolio for design and implementation of communication networks. Nowadays, more than ever, the fast and sure information exchange is vital for a company’s success.


The unification of the voice, data, video communication and online collaboration systems results in the improvement of communication, time economy, productivity growth and simplify system management

One of the biggest issues related to the Information Technology is the correct identification and implementation of the security products and solutions. The negative effects caused by a simple unauthorized access, from a system fault up to identity theft, are reflected by large financial losses for a company. Data Center is the center point of the company which focuses and strengthens the IT&C resources of the company and ensures business continuity by ensuring uninterrupted functioning of the data storage and processing services.